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Hair Towel - The Story

It was just another day at the maternity leave, checking the emails while the baby was asleep. Online discount companies, such as Offerium, were quite popular back in those days. And there it was, spotted, a small banner of a turban that would stay on your head after a shower. What a brilliant idea! Order for eight pieces was placed.

The turbans arrived quite soon. The first impression, though, was not a thrill. The visual appearance and colors were poor, the turban was too small and the attachment system with button and string felt difficult. The material reminded more like a kitchen wipe rather than a pampering item for your daily beauty routines. You would not want that for your hair and also, it was clear since the first test, the material did not really absorb very well either.

But still, it was the idea of a towel which stays on your head and gives you free hands to do your beauty routines or enjoy a cup of your favorite drink after a shower that …

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